Walking the Path of the Old One

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During these changing times the sacred, visionary, shamanic art that is being channelled can help to guide the way forward, provide hope, healing, teaching and transformation. Yvonne McGillivray 


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The Deer Goddess is an ancient figure, one who personifies the great mother in many cultures. Come join us on Sunday 19th April for an introduction to this primal figure. In the morning, in sacred space, a shamanic journey will take us between the realms to meet this horned figure. We will explore our journey with art and journalling. In the afternoon we will create a wall hanging, inspired by our experience, allowing the essence of our connection to flow through.

No experience needed in shamanic journeying or needle felting – all art materials will be provided.

Celtic Soul School members receive a discount

full details and booking

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She who Calls the Deer

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 She Who Calls the Deer is calling to our primal selves, the wild woman our culture tries to make us forget, suppress. She is the wise woman and female shaman and she mirrors the wise woman and shaman in you. You are after all a living breathing integral part of nature. She is a celebration of that and of all the mystery in it’s cawing, wriggling, soaring, swimming, dancing glory.

She calls the deer – those timid dark eyed creatures – wise women, priestesses of the great primal deer goddess. She calls those shape shifters who in a blink of an eye shift rom deer form back again to human. They are the priestesses, who dance and sing between the worlds, priestesses of the great ancient creatrix, the deer goddess.

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If you hear the whispers of She Who Calls the Deer then she is beckoning you into the great mystery, leading you on the path of the wise woman, the female shaman….will you answer her call?

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Celtic Soul Craft will be holding a day to explore the Deer Goddess, click here for further details…

An Ancient Art

‘The undeniable act that ancient women made sacred art in their own image, and used these images in their religious practices’ Vikki Noble, Shakti Women. 

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‘Doll-making is an ancient creative form that touches the souls of women. Through the delicious act of creation, you will reawaken to yourself and experience a deep transformation. You will feel her in your body. She is your direct connection to spirit; she will guide you, speak to you, be your inner strength. She is your loving, spiritual guide whose wisdom you can rely on and trust. She is your higher self. She will unwaveringly be on the journey with you. She is your touchstone of identity’.

Marlena Field,“Create Your Own Spirit Doll.” 

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Doll Making Circle

doll making collageYour are invited to a circle, a rather special circle. A circle that has existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. It’s a circle of women, of stories and intention. It’s a circle that weaves women’s mysteries, ancient traditions and recognizes the tail that cycles back to the first Goddess honoring people’s.

It’s a circle of heart felt intention, of purpose and personal ritual. It’s a circle of doll making inspired by Willendorf, of the thousands of Goddess figurines and shapes and forms ancient hands moulded and created in Her honor. As we gather cloth and beads, threads and talisman, wool and needles we honor all the women who sat in similar circles. With story and truth we honor this tradition and with simple personal ritual we will share the ways to bring Her into our lives.

The doll making circle meets over three months, 03/29, 04/25 and 05/31. You may join one circle or all three. sha 3 edit

Doll Making Circle 1 ~ Ancient Mother (3 places left)

In this first doll making circle we will explore the concept of the primordial mother, envisaging the people’s who honored the great mother, she who gave birth and death to all. We will explore the concept of this mother archetype and what that ‘mothering’ aspects personally means to us.  Some preliminary reading will include the concept of the ‘mother’ archetype, stone ‘Venus’ or goddess figures as well as the work o Maria Gimbutus and her archeological work of Old Europe, unearthing thousands of goddesses figurines relating to a belief in the great mother.

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Doll Making Circle 2 ~ Celtic Goddess (2 places left)

In our second doll making circle you are asked to select a celtic Goddess you are drawn to and select some qualities of hers that resonate with you. We will create our sacred circle by sharing stories, and images about our goddess. A guided meditation will help generate a connection and inspiration regarding your chosen goddess, or goddesses.

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Doll Making Circle 3 ~ Wise Woman, herbalist and healer (2 places left)

In this third doll circle we will come together again in sacred circle and explore the concept of the wise woman, from earliest shaman to witch, we will explore their role in working for their community as well as their roots in tapping into a great mother energy and explore the stories and legends that explain this connection.

Doll Circle full details here


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Eilean is from the West coast of Scotland, on a small island that looks out west to the vast Atlantic. She is a wise woman – a midwife, herbalist and healer to her people – bringing new life into this world but also helping folks make the journey back to the otherworld at the end of their lives.

PicMonkey Collage
Eilean (pronounced ee-lain) is inspired by the women folk of the Isles of western Scotland. Eilean means island, or body surrounded by water. She wears a mohair shawl and scarf which fastens by a silver clasp. She walks the shoreline every day, gathering seaweed, small tufts of lichen for dying as well as small crabs and other edibles.

Her role is to inspire, be a focus of connection to the wise women and healers in our distant lineage. She can sit in a special place or adorn an altar, her basket could hold a small scroll of paper – a prayer or request, offering or gratitude.

Make your own doll                                                                                                                                                            Come and make your own Highland Woman Doll with Celtic Soul Craft on 03/21 in Asheville, NC. Click here for full details: http://celticsoulcraft.com/workshops-2015/power-of-raven-wisdom-of-serpent/

Imbolc Retreat 2015

Imbolc 2015 poster

Exploring the Goddess Brighid, from bear Mother to holder of women’s mysteries, from foster mother of Christ to shaman.
Shamanic journeying
Sacred art
Doll making
Protection rites
One and a half day Imbolc retreat. Sat 7th 10.30-5.30 and sunday 8th 10.30-1.30 February, 2015.  Woodfin  (5 mins from Downtown Asheville, NC). $125. Click here for full retreat details and booking. Early bird price extended until 1/28. 


As the Great Wheel Cycles

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The great wheel is always cycling, if ever so slowly. It never stops, always in movement, like the moon waxing and waning and disappearing. As a doll maker I take my inspiration from the natural world, from the great archetypes our ancestors minds shape shifted into characters embedded in myth and legend and psyche. I take my inspiration from the qualities of these figures, and within that ancient tradition of doll making, of image making, of pulling the divine from the otherworld and into form.

3 sisters

The Three Sisters of Brighid

At this time of the year with the land frozen, frost shimmering and shining under the rays of a late rising sun with a mornings waning crescent hanging in the sky we prepare for Imbolc. As the cycle brings us through this holy threshold we turn to rites and ritual of the great Brighid. She who took many forms for many people’s as she travelled with us throughout the years. She is the great bear mother, she is goddess, Saint and a very special place of Mary of the Gael in Celtic Christianity – the mother to the new religion, foster mother of the Christ.

One ritual I perform is in the making of the Brideog doll. To invite Brighid as she returns from the otherworld to be present within this configuration of wool and cloth. To honor that doll throughout the year as if the very goddess was present herself.

owl main edit 1The Owl Priestess

And so I am gathering wool and materials for this annual ritual, offering space to explore the shamanic qualities of this great goddess in an Imbolc retreat. But there are also other figures on the periphery wanting to be made – the Morrighan, Elen of the Ways and a challenge to create the great warrior Scathach.

So I’m curious, what great figure would you like to see honored with a doll?


Elen CollageElen of the Ways