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front on blackIt’s that time of year where the outside world is letting go and retiring to their roots, to the underworld. We on the other hand are often pretty useless at doing the same. We hear the call to slow down, to enter the deep, to hibernate in the cave but society is screaming hurry up, buy, buy and bombarding us with all that is bright and shiny.
This is the last week if you wish to order a custom made art piece or doll, an inspiration to go back to our roots this winter, to be fed by the bones and stories of ancient grandmothers and deer priestesses.
Wither it’s a triple goddess, a celebration of crones or deer priestess wall hanging.
Custom orders will be shipped out next week.



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New offerings

front 1 edit with watermaek

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She is that instance when you smell fall on the breeze. She blows through you with a bone biting cold. She reminds us of ancestors, who if we are still enough, we can still hear their whispers. She heralds change and the call for all life to return to its roots, for there is no renewal without death.

She wears leather (which was from a deer killed, honored and skins processed by a friends family), the fur is vintage and otherwise would have been burned. I honor the poor creature whose fur this is and while I don’t advocate the use of wearing fur a percentage of this sale will go towards Animal Defenders International.

fancy edit

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Fall arrives in an explosion of colors, then the leaves fall and color drains from the world. She is the embodiment of winter and all the colors draining down to grey. I love the combination of grey and rust, rust the decaying the dying away of life down to it’s roots. After all everything must die in order to be reborn.

front 1 edit

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I have spent most of my life near water and have never forgotten the song of the sea. Her tides still wax and wane in my blood. This sea witch represents the deep mystery the ocean or loch holds, which represent those parts of us we don’t often want to explore.

She wears a magical necklace with each knot representing something she will only tell you about. The pendant represents the treasures we can find when we dare to explore our dark aspects, the shells – her love of the folklore of the sea – from selkies to kelpies. Her three glass beads belong to a different era and tell tales of magical worlds beyond the veils of this world.

Forever homes needed!

It is time. Time for these dolls, these sacred vessels of the divine to head out into the world and ind their forever homes!

Time for them to ind their tribe, their person and begin weaving their wondrous magic in the world!


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Was $89 now $62

Rosarrio is a story teller, a collector of stories. She collects stories as she sips tea with mountain folks, or in the depths of Eastern European primeval forest, wither among desert people or from  the people who live at the top of the world. They all welcome her as their people’s before them welcomed her as Rosarrio doesn’t just travel the world, she travels in time – she can tell you stories of our Neolithic ancestors to tales from future ancestors.


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Merionydd, Keeper of the Sacred Waters

Was $89 now $62

This doll is a Sidhe doll, an expression of the energy of the land. Merionydd is a guardian of water (the meaning behind the symbol painted on her face). She sings the ancient songs, calling in the rainclouds from the Atlantic, drawing them down onto the land filling up tributaries and streams that flow into the loch. Water is the lifeblood of the people.

purple witch edit 2

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Purple Witch

Was $89 now $62

Witch. Wise woman. Her linage weaves back to the great ancient goddess. She can sit on an altar or a special corner in your home and inspire you in magical workings, in your own connection to the great mother.


3 big sisters main edit edit

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Three sisters (tall)

Was $89 now $52

The role of the three sisters is to inspire, be a focus of connection for all women through their sisters, mothers, grandmothers and all the way back through time to the grandmothers of our distant lineage. The swirls and the circle mark that connection that weaves all women together back to the female honoring cultures of Old Europe.


3 sisters mini edit

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Three sisters (small)

Was $68 now $55

The role of the three sisters (and spiral circle) is to inspire, be a focus of connection for all women through their sisters, mothers, grandmothers and all the way back through time to the grandmothers of our distant lineage. They can sit in a special place or adorn an altar, their offering circle can hold prayers, requests of a special object.


poppet dolls


Poppet dolls

$20 including shipping. US only.

These dolls aren’t in the shop so email me your selection at celticsoulcraft (at) and you’ll receive a PayPal invoice






Journeying with the Hag

Caill 1 edit.jpgwho

In this 5 session online course we set out to answer this question, exploring:

Her Great Age

Traveling to her Sacred Sites

Exploring the Evolution of her Myth

Down to the Roots – Exploring clues in her folklore

& finally

Envisioning Her Role for Our Time

cauldron icon

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with cauldron swirl edit

The Cailleach and the spiral of her great Cauldron
altoid tin labarodite edit shadow

Cailleach altoid tin traveling altar
daughter stone CollageNeedle felted ‘Daughter of the Cailleach’ – replica of the stones at the Cailleach shrine


Last Workshop of the Year!

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 11.08.06 PMFaroese postage stamp

Diving Into the Deep: Self exploration with Selkies

Asheville, NC. Day workshop ~ Sunday11/15/2015 10.30-6.30

Throughout Scotland, Ireland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands stories are told of the selkies, the seal people. Heads that bob just above the water with huge black eyes which hold the mystery, a scrying pool to peer in and see our wild self reflected back. The seal bobs her head just above the waves, huge dark eyes holding the mystery of the sea. We have entered the dark of the year and so this workshop offers the tools and reflection to tend to our wild self!


The selkie can exist in two worlds, the home of the sea and when she steps out of her sealskin to take human form she can dance on the land under a full moon. While in the water she can live close by the shore but can venture into deep water and listen to the songs of far distant whale travelers.

We shape shift daily often into what other people want us to be and sometimes without knowing. We shape shift into different facets of ourself as it seems easier not to say what we think and to do things for others rather than contemplate what we ourselves want.  But where is the real us, when do we tend our selves?

 Reclaiming our sealskins

Like the selkie wife who lives life on land, her sealskin stolen to keep her prisoner, she longs for life in the sea. With so many demands on us and the very structure of patriarchy in which we live has robbed women of their sealskins, controlling their attempts at discovering their true selves. Like the selkie yearning to return to the sea we too often have a smoldering yearning! What is it that on a moonlit night as you walk to the top of the hill to watch the mist rolling in from the sea thumps in your heart? What is it, if you could form the words or put into images that you would ask of the vast universe?

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 11.10.34 PMSinging the song of our wild self

Sometimes we can’t name that longing for it’s something we have never experienced. It maybe a hint of something from many generations back that our ancestors lived with
, took great comfort in, the meaning that fueled their lives.

With ancient tools of our ancestors through trance posture & guided meditation, sound and storytelling we will explore what it is we need to be whole, try to add focus to the vision of our yearning.

Screen shot 2015-08-20 at 11.10.43 PMSacred art

With all of our impressions gained from trance we will try and turn off that inner critic. Let our body embrace our visions and let our hands work in co-creation with spirit as we create our sacred art a selkie themed wall hanging. The hanging will be a needle felted piece onto which we can sew and stitch on meaningful embellishments with shells and driftwood. Through this work we will reweave our the fragments of our wild selves back into our lives acknowledging at this dark time of the year that we need to take time to step back into our sealskins through hibernation, inspiration and incubating dreams and plans that will lead us to an integrated life.

We will watch the wonderful animation ‘Song of the Sea’ made by the folks that brought us ‘The Secret of Kells’

Screen shot 2015-11-05 at 11.00.26 AM

Click on the above image to watch the trailer to ‘Song of the Sea’





A Call to your Wild Self


Image by Katrina Sesum

‘She comes to us in dreams or in stories-especially stories from our own personal lives-for she wants to see who we are, and if we are ready to join her yet….. If we but look at the shadows we cast,we see that they are not two legged human shadows but the lovely shapes of a something free and wild’.  Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We have one place left on this retreat – registration closes on Monday

This Samhain we gather in sacred circle invoking the ancient Grandmothers whose blood flows in our veins. We will work with our deep intention as we enter into the dark of the year, getting a deeper insight as we explore it through:


Ancient trance posture of grandmother bear

Sacred art – doll making and creating our intention through art

Through co-creating ceremony within a circle of standing stones

intention totem edit


With each of these activities  we work with the Grandmothers, stepping further between the worlds. Gaining insight to our wild self.

On the sunday we will create a doll which will incorporate impressions and insights we have received which will honor our wild self and in age old circle we will discuss how to weave all of this into our lives.




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An Invitation to Explore the Cailleach…

cailleach Collageheader 3An Introduction to the Cailleach launching this fall!

Dates: Thursdays 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/05, 11/12

The Cailleach is an ancient pre-celtic figure, a divine hag, a creatrix. She is so old she has no known genealogy or traditions associated with her. She comes from a time before time. This course sets out to explore who is the Cailleach, what does she represent? Are their clues we can read into hidden in folklore and what is her relationship to the Goddess Brighid? The course delves into these questions over five sessions and offers films and audio stories as well as guided meditations to help you engage with her on many levels – both in this world and the next.

Session one main title

Session one: The Great age of the Cailleach 10/15

The first session opens with an exploration of the meaning behind her name and examining the Cailleach in relation to other figures in global primal myth. We explore the secret to her great age through listening to some cailleach myths and a short film and then consider the meaning behind the themes in the myth and what that tells us about how she is viewed in our world today.


Session two: Pilgrimage 10/22

Session two takes us on a pilgrimage to three sites in Ireland and three in Scotland. We begin our journey at the Beare Peninsula where we explore the story of the hag Rock, then The Hag’s Head at the Cliffs of Moher and the Hag’s Chair at Loughcrew. Then we then travel to Scotland to explore the Corryvrecken Whirlpool, Tigh na Cailleach (The Cailleach Shrine) and the magical mountain of Schiehallion. At each site we explore the myths and stories of these places and a guided meditation offers your own personal pilgrimage to what site most resonated with you.

There will be the invitation to create your own Cailleach shrine – a mix of collage from maybe one or two of the sites that most interest you, which can be added to as you explore more aspects of her in the coming sessions. You will receive ideas and prompts and an invitation to share your creation.

session 3

Session three: Evolution and embellishment 10/29

Session three begins by looking at the popular view of the Cailleach today and her relationship with the goddess Brighid. We delve into exploring that relationship and answering why did the Cailleach story change. This session covers the ‘Celtic Twilight’ a time when the Victorians were enamored by all things Celtic, and within literature many myths got rewritten and another layer onto her story. We question how these rewritings has changed the perception of the Cailleach and listen to the story of Bride and Beira and ponder its deeper meaning.

session 4

Session four: Down to the Roots 11/05

Session four looks for clues that might help us reclaim aspects of the Cailleach. We examine the role of renewal in relation to the Great Mother of Old Europe and how such an integral aspect became vilified. We look at Old Europe culture in relation to women’s mysteries and in particular female shamanism as the root of this ancient spirituality and what is offers modern women today. A guided meditation takes us back to a goddess honoring culture and lives filled with ritual and ceremony and gratitude.

session 5

Session five: Her role for our time 11/12

We explore the role of the Bean Feasa, the wise woman and the role she has played over countless generations and in particular, times of personal crisis. In opening that up to the bigger picture today and a world in crisis – what then can the wise woman offer?

Renewal is at the heart of the Cailleach story and we explore how we can work with this concept in our daily lives. We tie in all the threads of the previous sessions into this initial weave and a shamanic journey offers you the opportunity to seek answers to your own personal questions.

 How the course works

Participants are emailed a link and password and access the weeks session via my website. Guided meditations and shamanic journeys will be made available via you tube files.

journalling ideas 3

 There will be prompts in the session, invitations to explore your own thoughts on certain aspects through journalling or mulling things over as you go or a walk in the woods.

guided med

 Guided meditations will invite you between the world to the realm of the Cailleach – with a suggestion of gathering your art materials and journal to record impressions and journey.

facebook group

A private Facebook group offers participants a place to share aspects around prompted ideas – mainly sharing what aspects of the sessions material you engaged with the most and also a place to share our experiences on the guided meditations and journeys.

Bonus material

Each week there will be additional bonus material, optional links to films, reading or websites if you wish to explore an aspect in further detail.

Booking $48

I you wish to pay by check please use the contact page to get in touch

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