Blessed Bee

beeAs i’m heading north later this year to move to Maine my last two workshops here in Asheville will take place in August.

The penultimate offering is Blessed Bee! A day exploring the role of bees and the spirituality of these wonderful little creatures.

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Blessed Bee! A day retreat


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Blessed Bee! A day retreat exploring our relationship to bees, with:

Bee storytelling circle (lifecycle of a bee & spirituality)

The Bee Dance: a shamanic journey with the Melissae the bee priestesses 

Art & collage

Sacred art – making a needle felted bee inspired wall hanging

Sharing what we can do for bees

All within a sacred circle of women


Early Booking Discount of closes on 20th July


Last Offerings


After 7 wonderful years in Asheville I’m leaving at the end of the summer and heading north to Maine. A big thanks to all who have attended workshops and circles and made me feel welcome in this unique setting in the mountains. While I shall miss my tribe of women I won’t miss this furnace like heat of the summer!

Here are the last three workshop offerings – so if you never got to attend a Celtic Soul Craft workshop but would like to here is your last chance! Click on the titles for more information and booking.

blessed bee


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Blessed Bee

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We’ve all heard about Colony Collapse Disorder and the decimation on the bee population. Bee colonies have been continually on decline from 5 million colonies in the 1940’s to only 2.5 million today. Since the 1980’s bee’s have been affected with a host of new pathogens from deformed wing virus to nosema fungi and a host of parasites and now we see the devastating effects of neonicotinoids – a relatively new class of pesticides.

What can do to personally help bees, and lobby via legislative means what about our personal relationship with these essential workers of our ecosystem?


Woman gathering honey,  (c. 10,000/8000–c. 3000 bce) painting, Spain. 

 Since the neolithic we have honored bee’s and sought out their sweet honey. The Great Mother of the neolithic in Crete took the form of half woman half bee, this belief feeds in to the later civilization of Greece and their Melissae, triple divinatory priestesses of the Bee Mother.

Honey of course is embed with otherworldly qualities. Powerful medicine, used in rituals, fermented to make mead which has been seen to have prophetic powers.

Bee tales

In our day gathering we will share stories of bee, from folklore to talking to bees Hear bee folklore, the importance of talking to the bees, how to talk to bees and the tradition of dressing the hive. Explore the bee dance.

Shamanic Bee Journey

In the morning of our retreat we will share our bee stories – personal stories and stories from folklore as well as talking to bees – some suggested reading will be sent out ten days before the workshop. We will explore bee’s as divine messengers with a guided meditation that takes in bee hive cells of Ireland, perched on impossible islands. Our shamanic journey will be accompanied by bee music as we take flight into the otherworld following these little winged messengers.


Sacred art

In the afternoon we will allow all that inspiration to flow through us and into our sacred art as we create a needle felted bee inspired wall hanging art piece. This is suitable for beginners as you will learn needle felting – while you may wish to bring personal embellishments all art materials will be provided.

Towards the end of our day we will gather in a final circle to share the story of our art but also discuss what positive aspects of bees we can drawn into our own life, as well as what we can do for bees.

Early booking discount available!