Conversation with Highland Fairy

Here is my first conversation around the theme of nature, spirit and craft. I aim to make this a weekly feature. This is Heidi, ‘Highland Fairy’, she describes herself as ‘a mother of four, ceramicist, textile recycler, garment maker,jewellery creator,painter,earth lover’.

Her work is her conversations with nature……….I find her incredibly inspiring…

I see nature in your work. Why incorporate/replicate nature?

I love using beautiful natural materials, and letting them guide me in the direction they want to go, like leaves and leaf stems that are so delicate you can only do a certain amount with them before they break…there is a simplicity about nature, but at the same time it’s so amazingly intricate in pattern. I love organic shapes and forms and in my clay work I try to replicate these and the textures of nature so that I can be as connected to them as possible, and clay being from the earth makes it even more special to me.

What inspires you?

Anything that has a great texture, or has a colour that I would love to reproduce in a painting, a costume from a film, the shapes of the trees in winter, a seed pod, a landscape, an amazing piece of art, an old pair of trousers that I can turn into something else…or a drawing that one of my children has done! I am also inspired by other creative people and their energy.

Do you get obsessed?

I do get a bit too involved in my work sometimes, so much that I might burn the dinner or forget to pick my son up from nursery! I am obsessed by fabrics, buttons and boots….but I could never have too many of any of these things!

Have you ever experienced a spiritual element in craft, eg. A connection to a certain place or a ‘getting into the zone’ when working ….

I think my creativity is all about being spiritual, without thinking about it. It’s such a spontaneous thing in me that sometimes I know I am being guided in the directions I go in, with my life and my work…I have a connection with nature and even though it’s sometimes hard for me to get totally lost in something I am working on because I have my children to look after, I do day dream a lot!

silver paper necklace

What does creativity feed you with?

when I have an idea in my head (which is almost constant) there’s nothing better than making it real and alive….and if I didn’t have the ability to be creative I know I’d probably be lost in this world!

When you consider what creativity gives you do you think there are elements there that you might see are missing from mainstream society?

I think the best thing we can give our children is the freedom to express themselves through creativity…..and it makes me sad when I see people playing computer games or watching tv all the time (I admit we do these things too, but we have a balance). Sometimes I think schools don’t focus enough on the practical things or music….or growing vegetables….being more grounded and not so into being competitive and successful in a high paid job! I know we need doctors and lawyers, etc, but we also need to be encouraged to be creative.

What kinda work inspires you?

I have found some amazing artists on Flickr and so much work is inspiring to me, all using different materials and having different ideas….sometimes it’s overwhelming, but I think it’s so special to see so much happening! I love finding other people who I have a strong connection to!

‘Disasters or experiments? What’s your attitude when it all goes wrong?

I make lots of mistakes and I’m sure I’m not the only one to be a perfectionist! If I paint something I’m not happy with I’ll paint over and start again…if I sew a garment that I don’t like I’ll rip it up and make something else….It doesn’t get me down….I see it all as an experiment anyway…..and at the end of the’s all reusable.

What are you working on just now?

I’m working on about 5 different projects at the moment….button neck pieces, a patchwork dress, some clay bird necklaces, a painting that I’m not quite sure about and some other things!


One thought on “Conversation with Highland Fairy

  1. Jude…I feel so honoured to be your first of many blog conversations!!
    I love how you’ve done this…and thank you for featuring me!
    It feels like I’m famous!
    love to you.. Heidi xxx

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