Giveaway (ring not dog)

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Somehow i’ve been caught in this strange twilight of ‘grrr’ all week, much like the snarl of my Jack Russell when anyone dangles a hand anywhere near her.

Dan called this morning just as I was getting up, and him heading to bed (in the states) and I could hear coyotes howling their strange and eerie song in the background. Whether domisticated or wild – dogs aye make me smile.

So i thought i’d offer a giveaway. A ring that is, not small dog or Dan – the postage for either would be way too expensive. A giveaway of an ‘organza bubble ring’ so just share whatever it is that will always make you smile when your feeling ‘grrrrrrrrr’.


4 thoughts on “Giveaway (ring not dog)

  1. The thing that always makes me happy when I’m feeling grrrrr. Is putting on my tutu and bright pink shoes and dancing to good old Motown music! oh yeah! Heehe, small things…

    Love Kitty xXx

  2. Checking out my vegetable & flower garden makes me smile. The foodstuffs growing or already here, the promise of more to come, the bees and butterflies visiting the flowers, the oasis in my city life.

  3. Hi Jude

    Love the pink bubble ring!

    What makes me happy –

    Hurtling through the trees on Putney Heath with one hand on the bicycle handle bars and the other by my side, feeling the wind go through my hair, freewheeling and relishing the sense of freedom being off-road .


  4. Not wanting to go to sleep late at night in the bush cos I’m listening to the roaring of lions.


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