And the (giveaway) winner is…

My random winner decider for the giveaway is Sue, a very willing adjudicator. I wrapped the participant names up in paper scrunched round a dog bisciut. Sue gave careful snuffled consideration to each entry before crunching her final selection who was Kitty. She then celebrated Kitty’s win by eating all the other contestants.

Kitty contact me with your address and i’ll post it out to you.

I’m enjoying a lazy saturday, visa forms are posted off as I await my interview date from the American Consulate in London. And to a taste of my new life in the States, here’s a wonderful picture of the inside of my fiances truck, brilliant!


6 thoughts on “And the (giveaway) winner is…

  1. Hey Jude,
    Wowawee, I can’t believe I won! Give my thanks to Sue for choosing so very splendidly! I can’t figuere out any other way of contacting you with my details, so could you email me at and I’ll email you back with my address etc. I’m so excited to have won, thank-you so much!I can’t wait to show it off and of course let everyone know where i got it from! Make sure to send me lots of business cards too! Your fiances truck looks super! Don’t think I could convince my boyfriend to let me do that =(
    Love ‘n’ Light Kitty xxXxx

  2. argh!!! I can’t believe I missed the giveaway!!!! This is what I get for staying away from google reader for a week…nothing. Will have to buy one off you!

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