Slowly coming back to life (giveaway)

hare card     

 Yeah i’m a winner of a Grey hare card ~  Thanks to Annette of Dragon House of Yuen who has very kindly included my ‘Unfurling green fingers across birch bark’ nuno felt scarf on her ETSY Treasury  ‘On the Side of a Mountain’ . You can see more adventures of her amazing hares at her blog . 

I’m finally getting back to the blog with 3 main things to celebrate ~ finally getting my US Visa, speaking at my first ever conference at Edinburgh University and surviving the flu!  

true colour 3 button

In celebration i’m giving  away a layered fabric brooch, to win just share a summer story about something you’ve celebrated! 


3 thoughts on “Slowly coming back to life (giveaway)

  1. Hi Jude,
    let me know how many hares you would like on your card 🙂

    I have just had the flu and spent a whole week in bed! It was exhausting!

    Hopefully next week I will be back in gear and your card will be getting made then sent off to you!

    Congrats on your US Visa and your Uni conference – and getting over the flu!

    best wishes,

  2. Nice to see you back! I was wondering whatever had happened to you! What was the conference about? You can’t just throw these things at us without telling the story!
    We celebrated my hubby’s birthday, quietly, just us and us, but had a jolly good laugh with my carrot-cake-meant to be boat- that really didn’t sail well at all- but was yummy after all..

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