Starlite nights and fireflies


I have arrived, the body is here and the soul is in transit to this new life across the ocean.

As the plane soared thousands of feet high over the water thousands of feet deep i thought of those cleared from their highland homes making way for an influx of sheep, who were rounded up and shipped off to these lands in the west. Their arrival was from a journey that took weeks in disease ridden cramped conditions (US Airways is just marginally better) the ships were often refused entry and continued down southern ports to be allowed entry into NC where some made their homes in the Blue Ridge mountains.

My arrival in Asheville, NC was like pulling open the doors of an arboretum, being bodily embraced by a tropical humidity, which felt even stranger in felt even stranger in the dark of night. The next day brought tropical storm descended violently – winds wildly chasing themselves around the small grid of downtown – hurricane like to uninitiated.

As we headed home fireflies magically blinked in secret code in the dark meadows, the stars of the milky way shone in their thousands as we swam in the pool. Here’s to the red cardinals, hummingbirds, mockingbirds, fireflies, woodsmoke, early morning mist ….. and to the man who i travelled over ocean to be with – all these things will weave me into belonging to this new life in this new land.

* Image taken from Wiki CC


2 thoughts on “Starlite nights and fireflies

  1. WELCOME to the North American continent! It sounds magical, what with the winds of change welcoming you, what with the fireflies lighting the way- and the man of course,the one with the special embrace! I wish you find here all the things your heart is looking for!
    Its a big life change, for us it will be five years in September…
    Thank you for dropping by my blog- its so nice to see you there!
    Annamaria xx

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