The Seasonal Detective


I am a hunter. I’ve been gathering clues, so far this is what i’ve come up with:

* Leaves falling from trees

* Said leaves having changed color from the traditional green

* Temperatures have dropped about a nano degree on consecutive mornings

* Trees have been dropping spiky casings out of which chestnuts emerge

* I have a desire to look out boots and wear a heavy coat. Find gloves, hats and think about knitting a new scarf

So with it being september, and naturally you would think fall, but the evidence remains inconclusive ……The constant backdrop of cicadas mixed in with the lint of Southern accents reminds me I’m not in Scotland anymore.

So while i await the temperature to drop ~ here’s to the changing season, to my brother (it’s been a year since he died), the cycle of life…and to the joy of living.


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