Dirty dog

How do you tell a nice old lady that she stinks. It’s more slight wiff, but an unwanted perfume all the same. It’s not old lady perfume that smells like a toxic cocktail last made in the 70’s it’s more of an earthy hue that she picked up while rolling around on the grass.

This is an old lady in wolfs clothing.  On our trip north to Maine at pit stops someone would come up and ask if she was part wolf, or perhaps coyote?  Or just stop to say hi to the puppy. This puppy is 16 years old! But back to today’s task of the dirty dog – and once in your senior years it’s a bit undignified to have a wrestle in your humans bathroom just to get washed so we took her out to ‘The Soapy Dog’ in downtown Asheville.


As well as wash they run doggie day care too, so we were serenaded by a chorus of barks, howls and yaps. First you select your shampoo – she seemed pretty keen on eucalyptus and tea tree, turned her nose up Moroccan mint but in the end opted for mango tango.

Even with an apron and an army of towels it’s impossible not to get soaked and of course she pretended that she hated every minute of it. After several rinses and dog hair showers she was ready to retire to the dryer room. No photos here as it took all available hands for this procedure. There was enough dog hair swirling around to make a reasonable dog hair scarf and after the final torture of a couple of fluffy towels she was out the door in a shot.


Even this old dog was off running feeling lighter from shedding several pounds of grime – I’m up next….


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