Day 5. The frozen wood cutter.

Today was a string of frozen moments all freezing towards the next. This mornings wind whipped around me with a wind chill of -11 oc snatching away any warmth I managed to generate.                    It took us till lunch time to get going after running round town doing errands, well more like checking out second hand furniture places and thrift stores. While i’ve become used to the sight of drive through fast food places, got used to drive through pharmacies, the odd wedding chapel, but never a live drive through bank. I was quite taken by talking to someone via camera then putting my paperwork into one of those little tubes that gets sucked off to the belly of the bank to be regurgitated on someone’s desk.

The sun wasn’t able to still the freezing wind but in spots it managed to radiate enough heat for a partial defrost. After a few clunks, some swearing, and a battering with a piece of wood the chimney got fitted and the wood stove was almost ready to light. I got bundled up in enough layers that I was barely able to bend over – and my lessons in splitting wood began. Five misses later I managed a chip sized piece that really wouldn’t keep a mouse warm, then success  – my first chopped log, which was then carried inside to light the first fire of the winter.

As the sun began to dip the winds picked up, and howled through the trees enjoying the chase as it drove the temperature even further down.


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