Whose counting? A day to just be

Having possibly poisoned myself with heated paint fumes (that includes heavy duty glue) a day to just be was called. I’ve given up on the counting but the work is coming along and the bus is gradually being transformed.

This year has been one of transitions. Some huge, some small, each circling within the other. Nothing stays the same. Tonight’s great cycle from one year to the next will be spent outside around a roaring fire underneath the full moon. Through all these changes it’s been the moon and the trees and being able to spend so much time outside that has grounded me. It’s been my roots even when i’ve overlooked them and got carried away in the chaos.

So here’s to everything we want to leave behind and to all we wish to sew into the fabric of the new year ahead. May many surprises, wishes coming true, joys and dreams be sewn up in the pockets of this new year that is unfolding. Although the nights grow shorter sometimes it feels at this time of year we are plunged into darkness. But don’t forget all the potential is locked up like a dried seed head on frozen snow, which will return life to the land come spring.

Here’s to all those precious people some far, some near (and some that have past one to other worlds) that make my journey so much richer.

Happy new year!

Jude X


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