Day 3 – Stitching Sacred Space

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.

Joseph Campbell

It’ seems so long ago that we warmed ourselves around a roaring New Years fire under a glorious full moon illuminating everything so brightly. We shared intentions for the year which once  spoken out loud, feels like you’ve given life to them, like seeds which only come to life after forest fires have blazed everything around them.

Our bus intentions are currently as frozen as the earth is in these mountains. With a husband with a bad cold and a very aged dog – who wouldn’t vote for central heating over frozen water pipes and having to chop wood (and organizing internet access).

I’m very excited that my workshop proposal (Stitching Sacred Space) has been accepted by Our Voice (Previously the Rape Crisis Center)  as part of their ‘With Our Hands’ Art Workshop Series. This really brings me to the kind of work I want to be doing – combining craft and healing underpinned by spirituality. The spirituality doesn’t have to be spoken it simply is a background, a support through which I  hold space for others to approach whatever is going on for them through creativity.

(Taking the dog a walk – my current sacred space)

So many new years resolutions are never met as we don’t plot a path to get where we want to get. Highlighting what isn’t working in our current approach helps to name the qualities we need to acquire as tools for the journey. My aim is to name these things through felt and fabric, to stitch stories in thread, and embellish sacred landscapes and objects. In creating wall hangings I invite people to create personal reminders, alters to give thanks, a focus to set wishes…but always remembering to plot our course. Meanderings take us wonderful places, magically weaving serendipitous circles but once we’ve set our path they will cycle us back to home. Your sacred place might be a walk in the forest, the ritual of filling the kettle for a cup of tea or dissolving into a hot bath – that ‘ahhhhh’ is us coming home to ourselves.

Tell me, what is your sacred space?


3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Stitching Sacred Space

  1. These days, my bed is my sacred space. I can’t really get out and about much so it’s become my central base. And as it’s very boring for big and small boys it has become more mine where I can read, and sew and crochet and just be.

    Congrats on getting the workshop accepted. I am so excited for you!!!

  2. I think that for this moment the snow is my sacred space. I can’t stay in it for long since it’s so cold, but I bundle up and go out on the porch and watch the snowflakes flitting and cavorting down from the sky. I feel as light-headed and as giddy as they are, some falling slowly, and some coming down with a fierceness and intensity, fully intent on covering what ground the sun has shown us again. Some of them go back up as if they can’t decide where to land, and I feel most in touch with them. They show me that even though at the moment, I may not know which way to go, with time I will find my place to land and be what it is that I’m destined to be…

  3. My sacred space is lots of things. It’s as much little moments as spaces. Yesterday it was turning my head and seeing the palest pink in the sky, and all the stress of the ‘things to do’ just melted and didn’t matter.
    On Solstice it was Arbor Low, the stone circle, and the orange fire and peach afterglow that flooded the sky and made the snow and arctic wind a bit less cold. Then again it’s hugging my kittens when they’re purring, and feeling the vibration right in the heart like they do. Or just watching them watch the world. They’re so good at simply being. They’re my teachers.

    I’m so glad these wonderful things are happening for you Jude, and you’re having this chance to share your gift of healing. x

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