My dumpster goddess (Day 2*)

One November day I thought how useful a mannequin would be to model scarves and brooches. The very next day while waiting for downtown traffic lights to change I watched a shop assistant, through the tributaries of rain pouring down the windscreen, run out of a shop with a plastic mannequin and dump her in the trash. After a couple of scary 3 point turns I ran to her rescue, getting drenched in the process – as Asheville is the kind of place where people have dumpster antennae.

She was a sad picture, this mannequin who now had a double mastectomy followed by surgery to install light fittings in her chest cavity. I let her dry out and sprayed her in a coat of palest white which did a good job of covering up her old yellow tinged plastic, due to too much sun and cigarettes. Together we sat in the forest silence soaking up the stillness, laughed and joked over a cup of tea (even though it was a little one sided). We had a good couple of photos shoots then sadly, whether it was the too heavy coat, or the unbalanced rock keeping her in place – she fell off my impromptu table. By the time I got to her it was too late, the fissures created in her previous lives were just too much to handle and the crash to the ground split her into 3 major parts, way beyond repair. Sadly i don’t quite know what to do with her – she’s not really recyclable. In fact i think that was her downfall – dizzy with so much recycling. And now she has returned again to govern the trash.

A few days later while walking in this little secret garden I stumbled upon another goddess who came into my life ~ Diana.

Diana is quite something, she looks different from every angle – in some shots her eyes are open, in others they look closed. In some angles she looks almost stern and from others she looks like she is trying to hide a smile. But then she is Diana great goddess of the forest, of animals, the moon and of the sacred hunt. It’s early days but we’ve struck up a friendship,  she suggested running barefoot under a full moon with our sister coyotes.  So I better attempt to get fit, since I moved here we seem to drive everywhere and my daily exercise is about 1/30th of a mile with an old dog, we often watch snails overtaking us.

* All bus work has ground to a halt due to a nasty cold virus.


2 thoughts on “My dumpster goddess (Day 2*)

  1. Jude,
    I love your goddesses! I have a headless woman who wears a black antique dress from the turn of the century. She stands right beside the computer hutch. She’s actually a mannequin for a dressmaker I guess, with a lovely wooden stand. I got her years ago, and although she doesn’t have a head, she does love to wear hats! She has several, and lets me know when she needs to change.
    The dress top has jet beads around the neck and at the bottom of the bodice, with the front open and a corset type part underneath, with alternating hooks and eyes, and staves up the back. It has leg o’mutton sleeves. The skirt has a long underskirt with a velvet hem on the inside, and a shorter overskirt with beautiflully embroidered black flowers and leaves around the hem, tipped with more jet beads. It also has gathers in the back where a bustle should be. I used to wear it, but alas I need a stronger corset now than twenty years ago! I should put it away to a safer place I’m sure, but I do love looking at it, and her.
    Sometimes in the summer she gets hot in the black dress, and I put an old lace petticoat on her. I can tell that she feels so much better, even though at least with the dress, she does appear to have arms. She does get to show off her ‘leg’ with the petticoat though!
    Do you know I just realized that she doesn’t have a name? Hmmm. She needs one. I need to listen and see if she’s been trying to tell me her name all this time. Thanks for calling my attention to this!! I’m sad that your rescued mannequin has returned to the trash, but I’m sure she had a good time at your tea party, and it was a much better way to go than being dumped unceremoniously in the rain out on the street. Did she have a head? Well, you gave her a much better ending, and maybe she was ready to go, eh?
    Diana is lovely, and very thoughtful I can tell, and maybe a poet? She definitely has secrets……… She looks great in your scarves too~

  2. Hey Trace,

    Your mannequin sounds quite amazing. My grandmother was a dressmaker, doing her apprentice in the 1920’s – so as we were growing up we all got tailored clothes. Sometimes she would make my sister and I matching outfits – I remember a Harris tweed caped jacket, the cape lined in an olive green! But of course we hated being the same. She had dress makers dummy called Judy. Inside she is lined with newspaper from the 1940’S!

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