Fantastical finds

I am a self proclaimed rummager, a thrift store goddess and a eagle eyed ‘side of the road’ spotter. I have intuitive powers – I know when there’s a set of solid wood drawers going out on the pavement minutes before they leave the house. I can hear the screeching of pens writing ‘free’ to be placed on a box as if picked up by a thousand microphones.

Getting somewhat worried about finding the perfect ‘display’ for a gallery slot I booked I gathered pens and pencils making elaborate plans which I proudly presented to my ‘can make anything’ husband. This was met by a scratching of the beard, followed by a quizzical look which evolved into a sigh. The $’s added up, the man hours tallied and I realized if my design be built I could be paying for it months later. So setting a small budget we headed of downtown to scour every likely second hand place we could find.

Then in an airy old barn of a place Dan pointed out – that’s it over there. Where I asked looking over at yellowing kitchen cupboards? then I saw it. If the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe didn’t involve a wardrobe …this would be the portal to Narnia. A 1920’s looking Tardis but in a actuality maybe a 1940’s ex display case – she was beautiful. Dan put his shoulder to the side to see how heavy she was – but she didn’t even move an inch, she weighed around 400 lbs of solid wood, mirror and metal.

So i parted with cash and the next day it took 5 men to load her into the pick up truck. Eissh you can’t believe trying to get her out of the truck with 2 of us…but lets forget all the details and now she is nestled in at home in the Iron Horse Gallery (next to an old railway) and proudly bearing felted and other deigns made by I Like Lichen.


One thought on “Fantastical finds

  1. Simply beautiful Jude!
    could not think of a better way to showcase your exquisite work!
    well done 🙂 and may you get sale after sale after sale….

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