Daily rituals

We have finally moved back into the bus and gloriously on our first night we were serenaded by stars – which we can see while lying in bed through the clear roof.

After a night of dreaming of being hunted while running with deer , which probably is part inspired by the gun totting neighbors, I awoke to a dawn sky which was tinged a wonderful pink. The birds are awake and perching on nearby trees waiting their turn for the sunflower filled feeders. While I may not know their American names I know them by family by their call and their movements.

The earth underfoot is slowly thawing out from the nights icy grip. It is time to relight the stove and of those things that bring us slowly back to life, as I shake the remnants of lasts nights dreams from my head. My small movements of stillness thorough the day have always been over a steaming cup of tea. Such simple pleasure to open a new box and know the makers have put equal reverence into making their product. While in Scotland I had row and row upon tea – here it is one box at a time. I open my Celestial Seasonings ‘Perfectly pear’ white tea and know that tea has magical properties. It is both warming and cooling, calming and rejuvenating it’s almost as if tea provides you with what you need most. The sacredness of far Eastern Tea Rituals take joy in bringing dried leaves back to life, water infusing the unique properties of the plant. The side of my tea box has a quote in praise of routine written by David Jacoby. ‘What is it about my daily rituals’ he asks, ‘why such pleasure in repitition​?’, wisely he suggests he might just be practicing to be himself.

That is what I feel I’ve lost without my daily rituals these last few months, myself. I’ve been missing a vital connection, a connection to my conscious self but also my connection to that deep self that is an integral part of me but also is part of something much bigger: that universal mystery, the goddess, god – creator, by whatever name we know that energy.

Daily rituals are part of what grounds us, iwhat help reach out our roots into our day, into our life. I hope not to get too lost in all the work we have to do here at the bus and make time for these essential rituals!


3 thoughts on “Daily rituals

  1. I understand. Rituals are reassuring, it’s the kind of confinement that gives freedom. I guess, like a secure framework, not the tension of a blank first page. It’s where OCD meets poetry ♥

  2. when i got married in new york I picked up loadsa celestial seasonings teas, the throat soother one is amazing! My daily rituals are coffee, facebook, tabloids online, taking my happy pill and looking at the outdoor thermometer. But I would love to simplify my life much further!! I wish I could get rid of my jenk. It’s in the attic but I hate chucking stuff out. I’m a hoarder.xxxxx

  3. this has been wonderful reading your blog….you should write a book, your a great writer…love and see you soon

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