A folkart heart

The snow is falling heavily, silently. Wet heavy snow that is supposed to freeze overnight. I sink into the chair in these small wee hours knowing that tomorrow will almost be a snowed in day. A day to surround yourself with books, scatter several projects around and wrap myself up with the energy of it all.


I look out of the window to a white half frozen world. The melting snow did freeze and now large chunks are falling off the roof in a crash as the wind whips around the building. I feel the need to start the day with a large bowl of porridge.

I’ve been having fun with Etsy’s Treasury and have been trying to do one once a week, especially with great tools like Craftopolis who have a countdown to when there is space to put up new lists. My current list is entitled ‘A Folkart Heart’ and just some of my favourite pieces i’ve seen on Etsy from a crow called Bridget to a witches shoe pin cushion to my own folk art heart – you can see the live list here Folk art heart Etsy treasury list.

I thoroughly enjoyed making my Biddie doll (an old tradition of making dolls to represent Bridget at Imbolc) so plans today for some drawings to make another. I might go look for fallen branches and scrape of the lichen to dye some fabric for my lichen dolls.

Time now for porridge (with rice milk) …


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