Cocoons within cocoons

Early morning. It feels like a magical time to be up and about while most people are sleeping. The crows are having an early parliment discussing some important issues as a few later straglers swoop in to the high tree tops. Woodpeckers are tapping away as chickadees ‘peep, peep’ and flitter about in the undergrowth. I feel at home as each pace my foot steadily follows the next but I know my  mind is conjuring a picture of a landscape on the other side of the Atlantic, where a part of my heart will always be with.

The glorious sunshine of the last few days have felt as if we are peeling off the layers and stepping out of our protective cocoons – shedding the layers of clothes we have constantly been bundled up in through this harsh winter. It’s been a weekend of running and attending workshops. My Stitching Sacred Space’ workshop went well with the participants really getting into a start off project of making icicle dolls renewing a spark of creativity realizing ‘they can do it’ as they completed something in the first week. We don’t all have time in our lives to spend hours to create and the few hours dedicated to a shared space to create allowed each to empower themselves in their own creativity.

I attended a mandala workshop – one of the other workshops being run as the “with our hands” free art classes for people affected by sexual violence – and what women hasn’t by the very nature of being alive in our culture! I allowed myself the luxury of carrying no expectations of a finished product or drawing this week. Last weeks mandala was a circle of tree branches mirroring the roots which reminded me of their strength but also their vulnerability. A reflection also of winter but also having injured my back.

This week enjoying the walk to class (in this car dominated culture) the theme of a cocoon came into vision. I envisaged this life as a cocoon against the different realities of other people and also the different realities that exist within our universe. Our understanding of the universe is a small cocoon with our inability to comprehend this or the very concept of a creator. There will always be mystery, we need mystery. Our inability sometimes to explain and just go with what every cell in our body is feeling. Our life stages are cocoons within cocoons, our the worlds part of us wander in the unconscious are cocoons within cocoons and so with all this what else could I draw apart from cocoons! I entered into this repetitive action – drawing circles within circles. I didn’t want to talk, just concentrate allowing some thought in which I played around with others and let others bounce off the shell of my own soft cocoon.

* All cocoon art by Krisoft


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