International Women’s Day: Reclaiming the moon

Today is International Women’s Day! It’s amazing to think of the different lives and realities of all the women in different cultures around the world and each one of us is connected as sisters sharing the same mother Earth (and equally connected to our brothers). Concepts such as IWD conjure up pictures of strong powerful activists. I always wanted to know the law internationally on women s rights connected through others around the world and be there at grassroots on marches and meeting in community halls. But my activism is a little quieter. It’s simply holding space. To create a safe nurturing place where women can drop from the head and into the heart with the hands and be in the body expressing themselves through art & craft.

To touch upon ancient ways of knowing, where we can connect deeply with our selves a way of knowing ourselves that modernity doesn’t value. The capitalist machine would rather keep it’s generators of dis-ease working and have us consume our pain away with it’s wealth of addictions.

Craft can teach us about ourselves it can also bring about a stillness where we can express deeper feelings and emotions the head won’t allow to surface. We can follow natural cycles and through each season cradle ourselves from a different perspective. This is all I know. It has worked for me in letting me bring light to the darker places and I thank the women who have offered me held spaces of exploration – as without them I wouldn’t be doing or writing this. Today I felt the sun shine on my face and saw the first shoots of daffodils emerge from the awakening soil. It feels good to be alive. As women let us reclaim the moon – and all she stands for – those ancient mysteries which nourish us and in turn those around us.


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