The Spring Banshee!

I’ve never yearned for the warmth of spring so much as I have this year. To be released from winters grip and the cocoon layers of 15 layers plus assorted hats, gloves and scarves feels freeing. Such a varied chorus of birds welcomed the Spring Equinox this morning  (can’t say I made the dawn chorus I have to admit).

A time to celebrate with so many new shoots and crops planted in rich awakened soil (in reality it’s poor malnourished clay). I too feel awake and plans hatching in my head long before I can reach for a pencil and write them down. I feel more settled in this new life in the foothills of the worlds most ancient mountain chain (The Appalachians) and a definite balance coming into life.

I have planted my seeds that I want to bring into my life and I plan to compost them a little around an equinox fire tonight. Set light to my intentions while honoring the energies of this new season.

Daylight and darkness are also in perfect balance and tonight as the last rays of light set the tree tops on fire in an orange glow the sounds of the day give over to the night chorus. The frogs awake and sing their song and hopefully the owl will make an appearance. She gives off a banshee shriek which makes your heart jolt faster then calls the familiar owl hoot. She’s shrieking death to that mountain of baggage we carry around with us – death to those ways of thinking that repeat and repeat and hold us back. Hold us back from experiencing the moment to being on this earth in awareness and balance.

Here’s to the shift in energies and the joy of spring!


2 thoughts on “The Spring Banshee!

  1. Yes, each season is truly a shift of energy, and each one is welcome, but there is something so exhilarating about spring’s shift.
    I too am planting seeds, and their promise makes life seem jet propelled.

    And there is nothing like that clarion call of the frogs. Who can ignore it?

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