Half moon

Stitching Sacred Space – Standing stones

Yesterday was a glorious spring day which was spent more outside than in – but that’s what living in a bus is all about as the weather happening outside is usually happening inside. In the last few days I’ve set up office outside on a picnic table with the sewing machine creating a Sacred Space wall hanging for an upcoming art show (more to follow) while Dan’s office is a wheelbarrow planting up plants ready for the spring gardening season to begin. Tsula as usual spends her days (as with most of her nights) fast asleep – wouldn’t you if you were 112! (in human years).


But as glorious as spring days are I love that luminal time between day and night. There’s always a tangible magic at these luminal points: spring brings a chorus of frogs, summer armies of cicadas chirping into the night, autumn hosts magical fireflies and winter brings closed curtains cocooning life that’s huddled around the wood stove.

Night just now holds the most magic. The light of the glorious half moon emits her rays helping plants grow and solar panels charge. Last night we were serenaded again by the frogs but at the witching hour exactly the owl let out her incredible screech followed by some low hoots which sounded like gentle laughter at scaring the bejezus out of the humans in the bus. I fell asleep inspired by all these wonders making plans to change felt standing stones inspired and illuminated by the waxing moon.


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