My name is Jude and I am an addict!

My name is Jude and I am an addict!I innocently started the morning thinking that I had just somehow misplaced my inspiration. I hunted through shelves, under trees even the washing line but no it was gone, nowhere to be seen. I sat under a huge evergreen and felt calm watching it’s branches sway in a meditative dance but even in the stillness I noticed my hands shaking, itching slightly! With this awareness I felt a slight twitch to the head all underpinned by an insatiable craving! I have to confess I am in withdrawl. I am a wool junkie, I gaze at sheep longingly – for their fleece!

Then today – all the way from ‘Living felt’ from Texas they arrived! I ripped open the package and there sparkling were my three 38 star barbed needle felting needles! Run your finger up the needle and you can feel the multiple barbs. Each stabbing action brings such pleasure as the endorphins flood the brain in a marriage of needles and wool!

Eissh I apologize I am a wool geek! But i am blissfully happy my needles have arrived and I must return to the barn and needle felt many Scottish Landscapes with standing stones that are half finished!


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