Reading by the wind

Grass blowing by Carolslittleworld

There has barely been a wisp of wind the last few days, this spring weather would be called a heatwave in Scotland. It leaves me lethargic as if it was the wind itself that gave me energy.

I awoke this morning by a heard of wild horses galloping over the bus, the wind was blowing in huge strong gusts. Lulling only for a half a minute as if to survey what mischief it can make, then picks up again sending plant pots tumbling and breathing life into tarps that end up entangled in trees.

I’m glad to say I’ve spent a large proportion of my life lying amongst grasses, crooking my neck and looking upwards out of windows, and lying on couches watching clouds race by. Looking for shapes to read amongst the clouds. To the Druids the wind was a source of divination, interpreting clouds shapes as messages from the goddesses/gods. The very wind was sacred, the breathe of the divine. A windy day is definitely one to be inspired and I feel rejuvenated with the energy it releases.

Such divination be it be austromancy observing the wind, or anemoscopy interpreting by wind by its direction and intensity or nephomancy – divination by interpretation of the movement of clouds is much the same as psychologists asking patients to interpret what they see in Roschach Ink Blots – it’s all signs and reflections, hopes and fears as the inner self emerges. Personally I like crow caw or bank balance.

My heart races at the sight of wind farms, the tall slick sci- fi lines of wind turbines making power from the breath of the divine!  By brother in law who lives in Alabama posted online that he could smell oil depending on which way the wind was blowing from the large slick in the Gulf coming into Mobile Bay – and to that i’ll leave the header which was posted in reply:

Breaking News: Large air spill at wind farm. No threats reported. Some claim to enjoy the breeze.


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