Heavy Metal Thunder (of Cosmic Harley’s)

The Gods are restless, or more likely wrestling  – fueled by amber nectar! A thunderous storm is moving in a slow circle overhead the bus. How cool to be able to look up through the roof and see the lightning bolts streak downwards reaching for Earth, the surrounding trees illuminated in it’s wake.

The first thunder god that comes to mind is Thor – but that’s only the bleached blond heavy metal god who blew up hot water bottles!


It would have been my brothers 38th birthday today. How fitting that Taranis the Celtic god of thunder seems to be throwing him a party in the skies above. Like Allan who was never very far from a wheeled machine that ran on petrol (and usually driven through the desert of Dubai) Taranis is usually pictured with a wheel – although his is the cosmos and the lightning  is actually the axis of the cosmos.

The lightning and thunder are now seconds apart, the storm directly overhead, as the lightning shoots down to earth it claims light over darkness, life over death. In these last two years I’ve learnt a lot  about living with death and how it throws you more surprises!

Taranis on the Gundestrup Cauldron

My brother was always a love of fire and sparks! If he wasn’t blowing hairspray onto a lit candle when he was younger he was often setting things on fire.

But tonight with the explosions of thunder echoing down the valley, you can feel the vibrations shake sounding more like the roar of a Cosmic Harley with lightning sparks coming off the exhaust.

Allan – here’s to you! Happy birthday – you are sorely missed.  (Sorry the bike picture is a Triumph Thunderbird which could never sound as good as the lion purr of a Harley – which when compared to other bikes really does sound like music).



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