The Ghetto Goodwill

I’ve become a little obsessed with making bags or to be more truthful  it’s the ritual that goes into buying the fabric. There’s no fabric store involved (too expensive) no regular charity shop  – it’s round the back of the Goodwill to the  ‘Ghetto Goodwill’ as we fondly refer to it.

handmade leather knot-work buttons hacked from a tweed jacket

This is the stuff that Goodwill can’t sell in their shops. There’s no nice displaces, or color matching sections – just large open trays on wheels that you rummage through. Clothes aren’t even sold by the piece, it’s by weight. Ah the joys of finding size 30 velvet trousers or cashmere sweaters (with just a dusting of holes). The thing is you never know what your going to find and it brings on that rummage frenzy – delving jut a bit deeper into those trays.

On certain days the place is busy and people are elbow to elbow – looking like rats rummaging through fresh trash. But if you can’t afford regular clothes prices, or fabric prices it’s a treasure trove!

My treasure is transported back to the barn where the slaughter begins – labels are snipped, arms are chopped off, buttons hacked. Recycling,  up-cycling , re-purposing or reusing whatever the concept is it’s basically rearranging  to create a most definite one off – as there isn’t too many size 30 ‘coffee with a dash of  cream’ colored velvet trousers out there!

* And like any good enterprising craft blog (which this one aims to be) bags featured are for sale in my shop!


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