Swimming through treetops

Last night I stepped out of the bus, and as always happens, I was surprised to find it dark.  I’m so used to Scotland and it’s lingering twilight, but here there is no gradual waning of the light, here night just descends.  So I have to stand for a little while and peer into the penetrating darkness as it is a thick heavy, cloying darkness. I look up to the skies to a sprinkling of stars and my eyes follow little blinking lights swimming through the treetops.

Slowly the night becomes alive as my eyes adjust and I make out the shapes of old friends in familiar trees, and fireflies close to the ground, midnight faeries celebrating the night. I don’t switch on my headlight as it cuts through the darkness and dispels the magic. I don’t need it as everything is clear in the dark. There are no questions on what to do or what needs done, the days work is finished and packed away. There are only dreams to dream and a warm body to snuggle into.

The earths spins throught the night inching closer to the summer solstice. Another opportunity for death and rebirth. In this western world I can’t help but judge what have I accomplished! Just now I feel my joys never quite stay too long, they blink like the midnight fireflies which will be gone by dawn. I need a tie between them, a thick rope which I know I can hold onto when I’m feeling lost. But that rope morphs into snakes and I let go – i need to map it all out and learn that the only constant we have is change. Embrace it,  as without the deep dark darkness which wraps around us like a thick wool cape, we would never understand the light.


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