7 bags in 7 days. (Day 1 – Medicine bag)

My wool supplies have dwindled and as a felter wool plays a fairly central role in my creations! I listfully longed after all the fabric I gave away to loving homes before I left Scotland ..then magically fabric started flowing in from various sources. With my new found supply (supplemented by the Ghetto Goodwill) I started making bags. With each new bag the fabric changed and so did the style.

After celebrating selling my first bag on Etsy (Lichen bag above) I challenge myself to making 7 bags in 7 days – all varying styles to be posted on Etsy and blogged here with the story of their inspiration.

Day 1 – medicine bag

Coso Rock Art

This bag started off with a very ugly shirt with a wonderful print of Cosco Petroglyphs which date from between 1 – 3,000 years old. The buttons were fantastical rectangular metal stamps of some of the rock art designs.

This makes for a very magical bag. A bag exists between worlds, born partly in this world partly in the other world.
It’s unique shape and triangular decorations shouts it isn’t a bag to fill up with the junk we seem to carry about needlessly. It is a bag for ritual – what ever your ritual maybe!

What does this figure say to you? Imagine its creator, what were their rituals, and beliefs?

This bag is an inspiration to your exploration your medicine to accompany you on the path to what you need!


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