The Story of the Medicine Hat

Deep in the forest there is a little trail of smoke weaving up through the treetops. Below is a traveler feeding small branches into the flames.   The trees huddle round curious and even the owl hops further down the branch to listen to the strange words this human speaks into the fire.  If you were hiding behind the oak oak you’d hear words of gratitude, thanks for  being looked over on their journey – that took them from many centuries ago, to here a rest in the present time and for tomorrow and their journey into future.

This traveler sells hats – curious felted pieces of art which magically seem to cure whatever the wearer ails.

This wonderful creation is for both sexes and is reversible and is tube like in construction and can be rearranged and worn in many different ways. Its open ended so great if you have big hair to push through it. It’s made from Jacobs fleece wool and has three ribs sewn into the main body.

What’s that you ask? Where can you buy it? Why right here on my online shop dear customer!


8 thoughts on “The Story of the Medicine Hat

  1. This is Anchasta, from Pixie’s Pocket on Etsy. I’m now following this lovely blog of yours.

    Many blessings and abundance to you and yours!

  2. Love your work! Easy to give a heart to such singular creative endeavors! I would love to follow your blog…will have to see how to do so from blogger:) Sometimes I have a problem getting wordpress and blogger to cooperate:)

    Look forward to seeing more of your work:)

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