The moon and the oak tree (full moon give away)

The madness we associate with the full moon is all this amazing energy swirling around us yet really it’s that wandering mind of ours which likes nothing better than to worry or fret and keep us cocooned in drama’s of our own making which is intensified x 100 at this time!  If we attune our self to this energy and I don’t mean any mystic mumbo jumbo just follow the breathe into meditation while grounding ourself then we’re open to what springs from our sub conscious inspired by the moon – yet not necessarily attached to it. Like anything in life it’s how we approach it, our frame of mind and intention plays a huge part, our preparation.

June’s full moon has many names the moon of horses, lotus moon, green corn moon, moon when berries are ripe, and planting moon given by different people’s around the world. I like to watch the moon in the tree tops and preferable through the swaying branches of a sacred oak ~ and so this full moon giveaway is a Oak Stone needle felted brooch. I’d like to build myself a little shelter made of branches and blankets, a little pace to retreat and meditate, a fire pit for prayers and intentions, a moon hut to bathe in those inspiring energies.

Tell me what does the full moon mean to you?


One thought on “The moon and the oak tree (full moon give away)

  1. ahhh I like the name Moon of Horses! Love what you wrote – thanks for sharing about the full moon – it’s one of the toughest times of the month for us 🙂

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