Birth of the Copperhead Moon

Last night we headed up into the mountains hoping to see the sun set in the west then turn east and watch the moon rise. In a week where the temperature has been in the high 90’s (30 oc) it felt  glorious to feel the temperature drop slightly as we headed up the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Heading up the little trail to the look out point at Craggy Gardens the tree trunks appearing like a little forest of gnarly walking sticks. The path is criss – crossed with shiny roots wore smooth by traveling feet. The roots weave and slither smooth like snakes, two widing around each other to make a loop. If it was a little bit larger I might have been tempted to walk seven times around it widdershins and crawl though it like a Cornish Mên-an-Tol being careful not to mix up that plan as Cornish legend believes that if a woman passes through the holed stone seven times backwards at a full moon  she will soon become pregnant!

While the sun journeyed down towards the horizon photographers vied for position with the last arch dissapering I watched the clouds change from white to pink and darken to grey. Most people drifted off while a few others tried to work out the position the moon might rise.

From nowhere suddenly appeared a gaggle of Polish teenagers – I was fascinated to see that several of the girls had made the trek in heels that i’d have a heard time just standing in on a flat surface. Beer bottles were chinked and happy birthdays sung, snatches of broken english screamed amist non stop laughter and the flashes of cameras. I can’t pretend a was a bit miffed to have my semi silence even more shattered but as the temperature dropped as if observing an invisible cue they gathered themselves and headed back down the path.

By this time there were only four of us left and a slight glow appeared in the west. The dark clouds in front of the glow were dark shaped like lotus petals and slowly gave birth to the crown of the moon. Fire flies danced around us and a gentle breeze kept the mosquitoes on the moon.

As I watched her rise having left that birth place I thought that we all need to make a little space inside us for whatever we want to give birth to. It must be cared for and nurtured as we align ourselves or become aware of what energies we need to develop or attract to bring whatever is our souls calling into being.

As silent thanks was offered we headed back down the path and saw hundreds of little firefly lights chilling out in bushes which reminded me of the Elven village in Lord of the Rings. Traveling back down the road we noticed a large stick against the newly laid smooth tarmac only to realize is was a huge Copperhead soaking up the days heat from the road! While I look at the snake as a form of the Goddess I wonder what the local Cherokee’s learning was from the Copperhead?


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