And the winner is…

After organizing the help of the chickens I put all the names for the Oak Standing Stone needle felted brooch into a bowl mixed up with sunflower seeds. First name tossed out of the bowl by a chicken wins… and it was Mary Jo Oxrider of Raven Rocks Studio – hope it didn’t hurt too much MJ!

Just as I was finishing a lone chicken ran  down the drive quite indignant that we’d completed the whole thing (winner picked and sunflower seeds eaten) all without her!

MJ if you’d like to email your address I’ll get your brooch packaged up and posted off to you.


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

    • Hey Catt, yep can’t beat fresh eggs and you know where they are coming from. They’re not ours just where we are renting land – i’m sure there is a couple of Barred Rocks, one is very tame.

  1. Congrats to Mary Jo!
    and my gosh! what beautiful little feathered helpers you had there – how very generous of them!
    did the eager late comer get a treat?

  2. Annette – you should have seen the chicken run flat out it was so funny. Erm they did get a late scattering of sunflower seeds so hopefully she got a couple!

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