The Druid Stone – Offerings

The druid stone marks a quite sacred place where generations have sat and soaked in the sanctity of this landscape. Some have given thanks, others have left offerings and some asked for heart felt intentions. The white quartz echoes white druid robes with a hint of golden sickles used to cut down mistletoe from the sacred oak.

As much as I love making needle felted pieces I’ve always wanted to make an instant altar piece – something to hold those finds given up to you, or poems or an intention. It’s not about who your offering it to it’s more about getting into the rhythm of intention & thanks, awareness and meditation.

This piece combines both with a felted pocket which can turn it into a portable altar which can be rolled out and hung on the full or a dark moon or even everyday observance. All these peices are sacred spaces – which can simply help to take a few moments just to clear your head and set your intention for the day!

Currently for sale on Etsy.


3 thoughts on “The Druid Stone – Offerings

  1. Thanks Stephanie – really want to get into more embroidery and a bit more 3 D. So enjoy making them – fingers crossed a few sell at the Big Crafty!

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