My Wyrd sisters

It’s the fourth of July – most American’s will spend it in some celebratory style good old American food like hot dogs and beer (is beer is considered a food group?). Me? I shall be ripping up newspaper, slathering it in glue and trying to make mannequins.

The Big Crafty is just a week away – 50 of Asheville’s independant crafters together downtown. It’s a first for me and my ‘to do’ list is h-u-g-e. I’ve still to make 2 hats, rings, labels, 4 bags, brooch cardsetc but in an effort not to use Styrofoam i thought i’d make my own mannequins.

My vision is of four or five wonderful creatures, my Wyrd sisters,  who show off my hats off beautifully. I don’t mind of they are a bit odd, or mishapen as they will look great once they are painted and adorned with hats. No connection to Terry Pratchett simply inspired by Wyrd,  an ancient Anglo-Saxon spirituality. I  love the visual (as well as physical) image of our luminous ties stretching out from our selves to everything as the very fabric of this world we are all interconnected. The reality of our  weaving of our lives to make up the tapestry of our lives through the choices we choose in our daily lives. Wyrd rings a strong cord with me.

So back to the sisters – my first attempt was a flour and water paste which took almost 2 days to dry. One fell over in a storm, half disintegrated and the ants claimed the other half. The chickens were partial to the paste and pecked off the remaining scraps!

Next attempt is glue which i’m hoping is going to dry quicker and not on the ant’s menu!


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