Lammas Offerings

Lammas a time of gathering, of tribal festivals and celebration. The endless days of summer are numbered as the energy of the sun in the northern hemisphere wanes. Grains that were blessed by summer days, dancing in fields of soft breezes have come to fruition and are read for harvesting.

This change in energy is marked by the great Cauldron of regeneration turning in its ancient cycle. Lammas was celebrated with ritual words spoken from great earth mounds giving thanks to the fertility of the seed which sustains us through winter. It is time to celebrate, to give thanks for our personal bounty.

We will look at different aspects of Lammas symbology from Corn Maidens to dark gods, to the Celtic theme of the cauldron. With guided meditations and images to inspire we will draw together all that we wish to give thanks for and create a fabric wall hanging offering. Your piece may hold a scene or an image or sewn on objects. With pockets for offerings it can be a roll away altar, a meditative focus, a vessel to hold affirmations, intentions, offerings etc.

While all materials will be provided I suggest you bring some fabric, a sacred object some small items that you may wish to incorporate into your hanging.

Irish soda bread and veggie Scotch broth will be provided feel free to bring along something to share.

Price $35 One scholarship place is available, please email me for details.


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