How the Crow Goddess Got her Wings

Inspiration seeps in by osmosis. Filtering and filling ideas even when we’re not consciously thinking about it. So is the way of synchronicity, we might not be aware but it’s there happening.

Individual threads criss cross weaving into the fabric of our lives. It makes each life unique, individual offering a unique perspective. We don’t have to travel to multiple universes the neighbor next door can offer you a completely different slant.

While I’m a very average drawer transferring an image to wool isn’t always easy. The shaman were easy enough to do freehand but for the life of me I couldn’t quite translate the angles of the crow goddess whose been flapping around my head for a couple of years now – into wool.

Ok so how did the crow goddess get her wings – well I was watching the amazing tattoo talents of Megan Massacre on NY Ink show

No I wasn’t about to try my hand at tattooting but what a great idea to transfer the image onto wool as they transfer the tattoo image onto your skin before applying the ink. Yeah transfer the cut out image onto the wool, draw round it and I’ve got an outline! She nebut she’ll get there and let loose from my head!

She needs a bigger base piece but she’ll soon take flight!


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