A Lughnasadh Meditation

You’ve lain in the deep, rich soil throughout winter. As spring came around you stretched your fingers up through the spring soil and slowly you pushed through until your arms caught waves of cooling summer breezes. Although the days are still hot the strength of the sun is waning, it’s time for change.

The great cauldron regenerates the cycles – birth, death in order to make room for rebirth.The first threads of change are on an emotional level (outward changes of fall happen later). It is time to change the focus from our outer life to our inner life. As the first grains are gathered reflect on what’s your personal harvest. What have you been working on through spring and summer?

What experiences did you go through, what events changed you? Each experience opens a window to ourselves? Think who you used to be, who you are and who you are becoming? Remember nothing stays the same as change is the only constant.

Crom dubh born in the Neolithic ,he is a great ancient Irish god. He lies beneath the fields throught winter, spring and summer – lying with the great mother goddess. Their fruit is the harvest, the corn maiden – the grain – Aine. She is the power within the grain that is the life force, that keeps us alive and nourished throught winter. She is the corn maiden, Aine.

As we celebrate the life force of the goddess within Aine picture your life-force. What’s  your passion? As the earth cycles, renews and regenerates we must ensure that we sew new seeds for next ears harvest. Crom Dubh gives his daughter as the harvest – yet each year the old stooped black one (bent for thousands of years of gathering the firt harvest) takes the first cut and returns with it to the underworld. This is the unborn harvest of next year.

Sometimes we can feel we don’t deserve everything we need. But we too must regenerate as the great cauldron regenerates  – put it out there what u need, so start working on it as each of us is the harvest that the great goddess reaps. Although there seems harvest a plenty on supermarket shelves during the year lets acknowledge the cycle. Set the intentions of what you need as it is these needs that set the next cycle in place- they give us roots within our community, within the places we live and our very purpose.

* This was a meditation for my Lughnasadh workshop – check the workshops page for workshops based around other festivals.


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