The Goddess of the Forest

The goddess of the forest. You’ve probably never seen her as she is usually hidden away in the ivy, or snoring gently in the fallen leaves or riding the song of a blackbird. Her pockets are full of acorns or wren feathers, and she talks all the languages and every song of the forest.

Leave her an offering as you walk through the forest, as as you clear your mind you’ll start to feel relaxed, each footstep serving to ground you and you feel as much a part of the forest as the trees, the deer or any other creature or plants which lives there.

She could perch on your altar or a little corner of your house – she can do spells to get rid of mice (really she just suggests a new home in Mouseish). She can enter your life through a magical transaction, called transfer of funds – more detail on Etsy * ) Click on either of the photos above.


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