An ode to fall

You know when I lived in Scotland I regularly headed off into the wilds, and it was there in the grandeur of mountains, where you wouldn’t see another soul that I found my solace.

Here in the states with no buses to speak of, no train service (although there are freight trains) and not driving I take my solace in whats around me. I listen to the whispers of the trees as they swim through the treetops, to the cawing of crows and the high acrobatics of the swifts as they twist and turn and then magically dance and swoop into chimneys at night to roost. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate these things before it’s just I find it hard to adjust of the searing heat of summer here. A couple of days ago it all seemed to change. We had a deluge of almost 2 days torrential rain which brought much needed rain but a might needed change of temperature.

Fall is my most favorite time of year, with the equinox approaching the days are almost in perfect balance – compared to the summer nights of Scotland where it doesn’t get dark until 11pm. I am ready for the change that fall heralds, and as life begins to die outside it is a wonderful time to consider the balance between our outer and inner lives. To me it’s a time when where the energy returns to the soil, a time of deep root energy – which we can tap into as we enter into the dark months. Our roots feed us in our connection to the sacred and while the equinox is a wonderful time to consider this it gets us into a great position for Samhain (Celtic new year) – where we connect to our roots and celebrate our ancestors.

Click on the link above for fall equinox workshop details

And the witches hat – my September giveaway. If your not on the mailing list then simply contact at me at with your email and i’ll sign you up!


2 thoughts on “An ode to fall

  1. Hey jude! i am liking your blog…I am enrolled as a grad student in Transpersonal Ecopsychology (through Naropa university) and a lot of your writing is in line with what I am studying in my program. And darn I missed the spirit dolls workshop…maybe another time…

    i have a little olive green sparkly hat from you that i got at the big crafty, and i love it. it has traveled to peru already, and my husband pins it to another hat to make a ‘hat hat’. people really like it!


    • Hey Charlotte good to hear from you! I remember you buying the hat as a wedding present to yourself * ) It was my fav hat! Love that it’s been on adventures with you.
      Funny you say that about Transpersonal Ecophychology as i did Ecopsychology as part of my Human Ecology masters – it opened a whole new world to me.
      So cool if you made it to a workshop – would be good to see you again.

      Jude x

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