A Stalking Sadness

There’s a sadness stalking me. It waits around corners, hides in my shoes just waiting to get a grip. Although my heart feels heavy i’m not going to surrender to it.

I acknowledge these presences but they’re kept at arms length, and today I’m trying to gather all that abundance that there is to embrace. Today’s a celebration of life and as I walked through the cool air this morning, dried leaves carpeting the tarmac my heart soared with crow caw, I couldn’t help but smile at the aerobatics as it flew through the air. Plants are fading and dying in garden as they begin their journey back to the earth – as we eventually will.

Brother, you have made that journey, to this great mystery that lies beyond this existence. I hear stories that the reality of life is like those roots – impossibly tangled. Although we take familiar long loved shapes, and it’s hard to live without familiar smiles and actions I know your there within it all – the cawing and the chirping, the greening and the dying, the planet orbiting, the star shooting and the mind blowing beauty.

Your are missed brother by me and others but maybe we can make you a pledge – to hug those close to us, play our favorite music, shed a few tears but above all celebrate living!


7 thoughts on “A Stalking Sadness

  1. The Autumn season often turns my mind towards the ones who have already dropped their bodies as leaves drop from the trees…as we head towards Samhain and the new year, their steps fall along beside ours!

    Many blessings to you, and may the season move through without it’s shadows clinging to you, may they pass quickly by and leave only good memories.

    Let’s keep living, and raise a glass to the ancestors! Hail to your Brother!

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