Wise Woman Gathering in the Black Mountains

It was my second year to gather up my wears, hitch up the horses and take the wagon to the next mountain over – to the annual gathering of the South East Women’s Herbal Conference. The mountains were glorious, the trees wearing their autumn splendor. The moon rose as we danced to drums and was still there to welcome us into the new day as we rose from dreams.

A wonderful weekend of meeting friends, making new ones and just enjoying the energy of so many wonderful women. While many of the visitors to the Celtic Soul booth had to hold onto the tent to keep it grounded we ourselves took the time to ground deep and tap into the unending reserves that our mother offers – and to let go of all the we carry which ultimately harms us. I learnt much from herb walks and talks – of the amazing magic of the adaptogens and the story of the ancient healing herbs. Our experience is what makes a festival – not whatever it says in books but life – how it is to experience it in circle with other women – our experiences and interactions with the sacred. I stepped in ceremony with Brook Medicine Eagle in a simple yet powerful ceremony and danced wildly to the sounds of Bangra – which with Scotland’s large Indian population made me feel strangely at home. But it was the sisters and the plants that grounded me – especially when I often feel torn away from a home across the ocean.

Fire Goddess

Full moon cauldron gathering

I’m sure i’m not the only person trying to eek out some time to let all this juicy knowledge digest. To just bask in all the experiences, the inspiration and the wise words over the weekend. They are all food for the soul – that fires the head, warms the heart and is carried out with the hands.

As we cycle to Samhain, to the Celtic new year. I want to sit with women and discuss what this means – what is our experience of what we’ve lost this year – some, good looses while some we grieve over. To welcome in the Crone although such encounters are terrifying yet can be powerful and expanding.

I look forward to evoking the Baba Yaga with the Mother Grove Goddess Temple and all the inspiration of  SEWHC will feed me throughout the winter months as we drop down into a deep root energy. In our bus in the woods winter is a time of being cocooned against the wonderful darkness with the wood stove burning and moonlight through the clear roof. I intend to dream, and read and of course make hats! Thanks you to all for making it such a wonderful, nurturing experience.

SEWHC 2010

The October giveaway is going to be a fleecy fox hat

To enter just share what you like most about Samhain/halloween and either subscribe to the blog of ‘like’ Celtic Soul on Facebook. I will ship internationally!


3 thoughts on “Wise Woman Gathering in the Black Mountains

  1. So jealous. Feeling very under nourished in spiritual matters these days.

    Anyway, my fav thing is Reeses Peanut Butter cups *hangs head in shame*. I am eating almost 100% clean, but there is just something about these that remind me of childhood and pillowcases of candy on Halloween. Thank goddess we can’t get them here!

    And the hat is lovely!! I’m already subscribed everywhere, so enter me please!!!

  2. Sighs, all i can say is I sooo wish I had wings and could have flown over to join you in this wonderful adventure x x

    The thing i love most about Samhain is the ethereal feeling of otherworldliness as the veil thins and the feeling that magical things are psoosible x x

  3. Fantastic story Jude!

    What I like best about Halloween are the scary pranks! Fake bloody fingers, bats and spiders
    everywhere, and of course, dressing my witchy best!

    I would love your fantastic hat, enter me in the drawing!

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