Prepare, prepare as she is coming! The Cailleach awakens.

We had the first frost last night in the mountains. Apart from the obvious frozen white stuff there are several major signs:

* One is the amount of plants that Dan overnights in the bus so they can huddle around the wood stove

* The second is that a bed sheet is usually out in the garden over the lemon tree as fairing from Florida it can’t cope with the cold very well

* A third sign is often the sighting of a cycloped hunchback whose great eye illuminated the darkness: this is me in 15 layers heading out in to the darkness to gather kindling – head torch lighting the way. Muttering small curses and swearing to collect kindling while it’s warm and during daylight hours! But secretly I love it as often there’s the soft hoot of an owl or the yelp of a coyote telling you the night is alive.

I live in a valley looking up to tree topped hills. I miss my great vista in Scotland where at the first frost I could look out from my third storey  of an old sandstone tenemant as the frosty hills and probably a dusting of snow on the top of Ben Lomond.

Ben Lomond taken by Aldo36 on Flicker – Click on photo for original source

Daylight is dwindling and in a couple of weeks we loose more daylight and fall deeper into darkness. Some friends dread this time of year but personally I love it. I love the darkness, I wear it around me like a thick cloak. I can hide in it. It is a call to dream, to read to huddle around the wood stove and watch endless episode of the X Files! Last nights frost feels like the fingers of the Cailleach are stretching into our days, she is stirring I feel like I must prepare, prepare mentally for her coming.

Luckily in Asheville there is many rich offerings. Mother Grove offer a public Ancestor Vigil on Tue 10/25 from 7-10 pm as the Parish Hall of All Soul’s Episcopal Church and I’m offering an Ancestor Holder workshop tomorrow at Mother Grove 

Whatever you do – prepare, prepare as she is coming!!!!!

Click on the photo for some Cailleach info


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