A Fascinator Challenge – Part 1

I’m always up for trying to make different kinds of hats and so when S needed help in trying to make a fascinator I’m up for it!

Fascinators to me have always seemed like silly things that perch on the side of someone’s head at weddings, or the Ascot races (ok someone did buy one of my mini top hats to go to the Kentucky derby). I love when people goo over my mini top hats – i’ve had someone buy one simply for its Victorianesque vibes, someone from a circus bought one, one went home with a woman who was planning a lion tamer outfit! So yes how to do my style of fascinator.

Wool. Wet felting – that’s where we started. I’m probably a sloppy felter. I welcome in the odd hole, or strange flap that appears as they always present themselves as needing interesting embellishments. I was glad to get into some felting again, the smell of wet wool as two mad dogs chased each other around the room.

So we layered and added hot water, and soap then more hot water, then some more. then mopped and squeezed, and rinsed and felted…and repeat several times.

We cut a pattern, of a leaf shape embellished a little with the sewing machine then sewed two pieces together then turned them inside out. Currently the hats look like droopy leaves that have just fallen off a tree and landed on your head but this is part one and next week we’ll work on the veil (I’m thinking branches or antlers) and try another version from buckram and fabric.

Our original inspiration


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