I am Brighid

A crow calls from the top of a tall pine,  welcome, welcome she calls, as I step through the forest the smell of pine clears my head, dissolving the residue of a bad morning.

As footstep follows footstep building a rhythm my worries fall away, each step grounding me to the forest, as the chatter in my head quietens  I begin to feel as part of the forest as the trees, the deer or the sleeping owl.

The trees begin to thin out and I scramble over an old stone wall, the  path snakes downwards to a wide open deserted sandy beach. White clouds sail out above the crescent shaped bay like prayer flags.

Dogs Bay, Nr Galway, Eire

I take off my shoes as I reach the beach letting the damp sand squelch between my toes, I gaze towards the horizon where the sea meets the sky and throw my arms out wide embracing it all. Pulling my hair from my face I suddenly notice a figure walking along the shore. Their image  seems to shimmer slightly, but maybe it’s just the watering of my eyes in the sea breeze.  It is a woman and as she approaches closer there is something familiar about her and i feel a tangible energy – something ancient yet timeless.

As she smiles I stare into her blue grey eyes, she draws me close and embraces me and in that embrace I feel as I’m being held by the very source of all things. All worries slip away all attachments dissolve and i embrace that pure essence that lies within us all.  Her energy is god, goddess, source, mystery whichever name you give it – that spark which exists in every living and non living thing.

I instantly feel the connections lie between everything – that I am there inside the rock, in the white clouds above us, I am the fish in the deep ocean and the light of distant stars. I am capable of everything I want to achieve. I feel the satisfaction, the confidence and belonging it brings – of growing roots into a new depth all this in these brief moments.

Lifetimes exist in this moment,  for dreams about the past and the future take us away from the real magic that only unfolds in the here and now.

As she loosens her grip  I know who she is, she is one of the high ones, she is Brighid – incarnated into many lives and times in order to offer herself to us.  She who is many things to many people.  I oh so want to stay in those arms, living in this moment embraced by her. But as I stare into those blue grey eyes I know that she is me and that I am brighid.

As I am Brighid, you are Brighid as we are all born with her flame inside of us.  Hers is the fire which inflames our head, ignites our heart and warms our hands in our work.

We engage with the energies of Brighid as we create, and it is there that I feel what I felt on that beach. It is both a healing and inspirational place. She ignites me  in tending her flame of creativity, and in that space I give thanks.

Imbolc is her festival celbrating the first stirrings of spring. I’m offering an Imbolc workshop which is a day long honoring of Brighid – sharing stories, song, ritual and making a traditional Biddie doll. Click on this paragraph for more information. 


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