Oh Sisters! International Womens Day

by water, earth, fire & air

The first International Women’s day was 102 years ago and in light of all the recent controls on women’s reproduction rights I wonder if we’re actually sliding backwards? Even although the Violence Against Women Act has been passed it seems crazy that we even need one, which sadly we do. I read news reports on abortion rights, pro-life backlash and I’m dizzy, can’t keep up with the onslaught!

I recently watched the ‘Song Catcher’ a few days ago – set around these mountains of the Appalachians. Beautiful ballads sung in that traditional Appalachian way which actually originated in Irish and Scottish lands carried by a people force-ably removed from their lands. I connect to those laments of missing the land you were born in, of mountains mist and sea but what really got to me was how hard these lives were – especially for women.

While today is about celebrating how far we’ve come and solidarity with those sisters in Southern countries who struggle with equality, health, economics etc but for what I’ve seen here I feel we’re on a slippery slope. There is many of us here that struggle with access to health care etc albeit it we are supposedly in a free country!

We sisters stand strong, grounding, growing vast root systems within our communities  – the blood and the water, air and earth of our great mother coursing through us. You, we are stronger than you can ever realize. What damages women in this world damages men, damages every flying, galloping and wriggling more than human neighbors and the very planet we’re rooted on.

So lets sink those roots down deep acknowledge the journey all the while awakening our ancestral memory, the primal, the shadow as she serves us well. Keep her alive as you never know when you’ll need her!


Nathor Nile River Goddess. c. 3600 BCE


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