Life on far Away Planets

Keeper of the Stones

Star Trek. Can’t tell you how much I used to love Star Trek, although saying that the Enterprise with John Picard seemed a bit stuffy, a bit too much rules and regulations. I prefered the wildness of Deep Space 9 and the adventures of the folks in Farscape. I’m amazed that I never saw ‘Enterprise’ the series, probably due to years without a TV. But in house sitting at the mini mansion we have Apple TV galore and Netflix!



Now I’m the kind of person that can’t just sit and watch films I need to be doing something – and seeing that I can’t practice the Witches hat pattern my hands have been needle felting away making these wonderful creations! The witch was supposed to beĀ  Merlin kind of figure, but maybe she was drawn with the new moon energies but there she appeared!

The Littlest Witch

As much as I enjoy the needlefelting (saying that I think I have needle felters elbow), you forget to move and your shoulders seize up with hundreds and hundreds of tiny repetitive movements with the felting needle I so enjoy making tiny sized clothes. I keep scarps of Harris Tweed I pick up in Scotland or am lucky enough to find in local charity shops – usually hideously designed old 1970’s Russian and Eastern European sporting jackets which I cut apart and felt in the washing machine. I used river smoothed glass pieces and turn them into priestess head dresses.

So thank you Enterprise for inspiring me to get back into doll making. Dan on the other hand used to felt wild and wondrous creates who would be very much at home on a far away planet!



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