A Serach for a Logo: Or the tale of the Abandoned Ship


‘The Summoner’ Click on photo for source

Amazing image by The Summoner by nimblefingers @ 500px — with Seersha Shamanka.

The roots of this tale began when I arrived on these shores. The vast expanse of the Atlantic a great chasm of perspective, allowing me to stand way back, disassociated from myself and examine exactly what my roots tapped into. I tried not to think about it and just molded and shaped with my hands, offered no words and Celtic Soul Craft was born. It filled the chasm, a rift that somehow needed filled, and I filled it with wool, and stick and stones. Creativity began the healing of a long and painful wound.

I’ve been thinking of a logo. A mark, a brand a representation of where I’m coming from. That seems an awfully lot for one image. Or rather, for me. My greatest talent is in making things complicated. That’s why I rarely blog these days, each entry is an undertaking in an essay which has to be researched – and so I run out of steam for whatever the original idea was. I can take the most simplest concept and add multi-dimensional layers of possibilities onto it – each a different direction that takes it’s own twists and turns and ends up lost in a tangled forest. But hey I’m all for getting lost in forests, how else would I ever find Cerrenous?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Any excuse really for a horned god! Click on photo for source

In the search for a logo many ideas have been launched all sparkly new and full of promise, then drifted off discarded like an abandoned ship, left to drift on the open seas.

I love simple logos. My friend Kat is a crocheter, she’s used a cool old suitcase as a prop in photos – nice simple, effective logo:

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 2.42.44 PM

I also love Starbucks Logo. A Siren? Actually pretty relevant as their foo-foo coffees sing their seductive song, intertwining their deadly aroma with froffed milk, syrup and a zillion different ways of combining basic ingredients to leave is wholly addicted. I love it all the same. Note I’m NOT taking the side track and making comments about their UK tax evasion, or what the relevance of a Siren as a company logo – or making a whole other post on the relationship of their use of a Siren AND their UK tax evasion!! I’m merely commenting on their logo.

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 2.45.36 PM

The idea of capturing, representing the essence of where i’m coming from, my inspiration seems impossible – do you see it in action here – the making a simple thing crazily complicated! It’s a logo for goddess sake! Then I branch of into how can one image represent a multitude of things? Medicine hats, workshops, Celtic Spirituality….ah I despair. If anything that should be a richness, not a drawback!

I’ve gone through standing stones, half moons peeping out from lunar lit skies, I’ve even toyed with an element from the Newgrange Spirals – I am so inspired by them but yet everyone and their dog uses them from Celtic Sea Salt, to toilet roll. But I love that folks are so drawn to that symbolism, by an ancient piece of work by our Neolithic ancestors.

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 2.24.26 PMLove the use of the Newgrange Spirals in this logo

My inspiration is nature, a sense of place and a pinch of indescribable magic, one that’s very much alive and relevant in the right now! And so along side of the sun being born, i’ve had an idea for an image. A figure of a lone female, with arms raised and circling crows (the top photo is the closest I’ve come to what i’m thinking). The crows are of death but of rebirth too, as I for one die a million times and are reborn in the same minute of my death!

So as the new born sun grows in strength, I’ll be drawing away and creating this new logo and hopefully find a graphic designer out there to help – as I know myself too well and it will take over everything I do!


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