Creating Sacred Landscapes

AB 201 wall Collage

 Student work & the spring  flowers at the NC Arboretum 

It was my favorite kind of weather as I packed up the car and headed out to the NC Arboretum. Cold, with a bright blue sky – the time of spring where we could still get snow but eveidence all around that the world is slowly awakening with the new colors of crocus and crows and other birds collecting nesting materials.

Today was ‘Creating Sacred Landscapes’ a needle felt workshop. Needle felting really is an easy skill to pick up – most folks seem to start the class by saying ‘i’m not really creative’ but with a bit of inspiration and an entire afternoon to sink in an create they always surprised by the wonderful art they create. I’m so impressed by the work they produce, I get to pick up new ideas and it leaves me inspired to get back to the wool.

Everyone seems to reach a point where I can tell they start to get a little frustrated, so that rings bells for time for a break or move onto the next stage, and off they go hands whirring into the repedative action of the needle.

While the doll making class is now sold out there are a few some places left on the next Sacred Landscape class on 04/19 at the Arboretum. For those who might have taken the class before I will be bringing strips of silk which we can incorporate which gives an entire different effect to your landscape.

My own workshops incorporate Celtic Spirituality and an afternoon making a creative piece, in April there is Masks of the Morrighan – mask making, fire ceremony and learning about this most ancient goddess. May bring honoring the most ancient goddess where we will create tapestries. June offers Celtic Landscape making and July brings Cauldron Magic – exploring all aspects of the Cauldron in the Celtic world and making our own cauldron/altar tapestry!

Click here to view my list of upcoming workshops. 


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