Did someone say Witches?

forest witch edited 2

Someone recently asked me if I made witches and could I send her some photos of the dolls. Hmm I pondered … ‘Do you mean the feminine devine in her guise of the wise woman who has always been with us from the moment of creation when she gave birth to the universe?’ I asked. ‘That ancient mother who each and every living person once cherished through her mystery to provide us with life and who ultimately lived within us. That most ancient mother who gave us life and to whom we ultimately return to? That most ancient goddess who we can derive empowerment from who inspired us to speak for every marginalized person, animal and sacred land in fighting the choking hands of Pariarchy who deems us sceond class citizens?’.  I asked.

I dunno she answered. More the witchy, spell making kind.

Yes. I replied. But they are far more than they seem!

watermark witch

The Littlest Witch

witch 4


The Hedge Witch

trio 2 edited

A Trio of Witches

witch 2

The Cauldron Flaming Witch


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