Cauldron Magic


Cerridwen’s Cauldron

 “In shamanic trance, immersion in a cauldron signifies rebirth. The old self is melted or boiled away, and the essential self emerges, full of magical, spiritual power.” Journey to the Bard by Yvonne Owens

The cauldron congers so many images from myth and legend, across cultures and time. In this workshop (held in N Asheville on 07/28)  we will explore what the cauldron means to each of us as we share our stories and experiences. We’ll discuss the magical cauldrons:  Daghda’s ever flowing cauldron, the Greek goddess Medea’s regenerating cauldron as well as Cerridwens cauldron of poetic inspiration.


The cauldrons within – the cauldron of incubation, motion and wisdom.

We will submerge ourselves in the great cauldron of the divine mother as we set sacred space in which to create in as well as a guided meditation. We will share ideas on the importance of the cauldron to women and reflect on our three inner cauldrons, those of incubation, motion and wisdom. As we discuss the myths and concepts of the cauldron we will also consider how we can translate these motifs into our daily lives.


After a shared lunch we will spend the afternoon creating a wall hanging whose central motif will be a cauldron, it will be stitched on to act as a pocket in which offerings, or intentions or items can be kept. All materials will be provided although you are encouraged to bring a special pendant, bead etc that you may wish in incorporate into your cauldron art.

There are currently a couple of spaces left for this workshop so if you would like to join us please email me at Workshop cost is $48. Click here for the Facebook event page. 


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