The Lingering Breath of Samhain

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Once the trick or treaters have gone home, and the halloween decorations packed up for another year and the unexpected bumps in the night are over and done this is when my Samhain begins.

The worlds have still mingled but all those young party spirits have moved on and this is the time of the bone people, the ancient ones, our most ancient ancestors. They come through with the spine tingling rush and screaming but it is they who linger. It is their breath that expands Samhain.

The land here in Appalachia talks with a different voice than the lands on the west coast of Scotland and Ireland. In those lands of home I am fluent. For i am a part of them. I understand the flight pattern of leaf, the flight of crow and what the stream says as it rushes down the cold mountain into the loch.

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But at this time of year the land talks the same language, tan ancient tale as we enter into the dark half of the year allowing us the potential to be born again. This is the time of reflecting on the long year past, the good, the bad, the opportunities presented and how we interacted with those opportunities of spirit. The spirit we held within us as we cycled the great wheel.

I see it as the new year of the soul, a time to make new commitments to the sacred path we walk on in this life. The Gregorian calendar offers a different type of celebration. Samhain resolutions are those steps to infuse our life with spirit that break the boundaries this world has built up and return us to a world where everything is infused with the divine.

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And it’s the spirits of these old bones who linger. They swirl around us as we sleep, they’re in the aroma of morning coffee, they’re in that song that tugs at your heart strings – pulling you back around ancient cave fires to ancient dances in darkness as we travelled with our animals companions bringing back messages from an even older race.

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Click on photo for link to video. Eivør Trøllabundin

So listen in the silence, keep those photos of our long gone on the altar, keep those bones there for the bone people. Walk out at midnight and feel the lingering breath of Samhain hold you.


If your in the AVL area there are a couple of places left on the Blood and Bone workshop this sunday (10th November) we will share stories of this time of year, dance between the worlds within sacred space, honor and feed our ancestors, and create a needle felted ancestor holder. An art vessel thats the focus of our communication with the none people and our recent dead – to leave prayers, and words we want to say to them, songs, poems, asking help for whatever we need as well as gratitudes and intentions.

Facebook event for Blood and Bone, click on this link

More info on the workshop, click on this link

Please email me at to reserve a place.


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