A White Horse Gallops


I will never forget the first time I saw the White Horse of Uffington. Some friends and I had travelled down to the Marlborough area for a wedding. A wedding unlike any other wedding – where we were all camping around a 14th century barn, which isn’t unheard of in those parts.

On the morning of the wedding we headed into town, Avebury town where they were having a village fete and we had scones and jam. Now while your having afternoon tea in Avebury town fete it’s now out of the ordinary to see the powers of two very different worlds represented with the local policeman and the local druid.


Arch Druid Terry Dobney, Keeper of the Stones and a police man

Among the wedding guests was a woman who had grown up and still lived in Avebury, imagine home within the stone circle of Avebury! We of course wandered the track around the stones. On the way back we twisted and turned around the small snaking roads, past Silbury hill and then suddenly she appeared on the hillside – the White Horse.

barnThe 14th C barn

avebury Collage

As much as I love the white horse she’s never had direct relevance to me. But within the last few months she has come to me through journeying. As the great wheel cycles it is she who begins her gallop, in fact she is never still. She came to me in a journey around the winter solstice, she wasn’t a guide she was helping me journey from this world into the other.


My drum

Shaman refer to their drums as a horse, for you ride with her into the otherworld. I have heard of Shaman’s in the East whose drums had specific areas mapped out to the body of the horse. In my experience the White horse was the energy of the moving cycle, she was particularly active in the days around the winter solstice as it’s in these days we lie between the worlds. She took me to the place that helped answer the question I had formed, a journey deep within the lower world that took me to the womb tomb of the ancient Newgrange where ancestors danced within the tomb at night to dance in the rising sun, the horse their helping their trance, their dance.

white horse

We are approaching the year of the horse and I plan a lot of working with the white horse. She (I call her she but need to investigate the sex of the white horse) was possibly a totem of a local tribe and thoughts turn to the Gaulish Goddess Epona and the Welsh Rhiannon. Rhiannon is said to have ridden a mignificent whie mare and being associated as an otherworldly goddess she helped souls return from this world on death to the otherworld. She helps us in our journeying between the worlds which to me seems similar to the role of the White Horse. But going into the history and dates of both Goddesses is a whole other journey!

white horse 2

White horse 1

I am giving away a needle felted fiber art white horse as as thanks to you all for supporting Celtic Soul Craft. To be in the draw simply leave me a message and maybe tell me and resonance you have with horses, the White Horse herself or with Celtic Soul Craft.


For some more White House inspiration with beautiful drawings and inspiring poetry – check out Giles Watson’s work – just click on the photo above.


3 thoughts on “A White Horse Gallops

  1. What a beautiful piece! I’ve loved horses since I was little. I think it may have first started when my dad read me Misty of Chincoteague. I’m hoping that one day I can get certified in equine massage. Although I haven’t had a chance to see the white horse in person (yet), I chose that as the image for my tattoo to represent my lifelong love of horses.

  2. I have always been very impressed by how many times the crop circles have appeared right near the White Horse- you can see her often in the distance on her hillside. I felt that she must have strong energy to attract all the earth energy of the crop circles. I would love the felted artwork of the White Horse! There is a music venue here called White Horse Black Mountain in North Carolina, USA.

  3. Aaaahhhh….she rides on my shoulder journeying through the triple spiral rock carving design from Newgrange, i.e. that is the tattoo on my right shoulder. She represents going between the worlds/realms to me. The White Horse is magical, breathing new life into your desires.

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